Мюзик Джам Клуб


MUSIC JAM CLUB is a multifunctional complex with space of more than 1500 sq. m in three levels, including: a cafeteria (with food and drinks), wardrobe, own ticket center and main concert venue with capacity of up to 1000 fans. Impressive concert stage (15 х 6 m) and luxurious dressing rooms ensure full comfort even for artists from the world’s elite. Being a converted movie theatre, the club’s hall has size, height and acoustics, which allow sound quality of true modern concert venue. PA system is last generation Adamson, the lighting is state-of-the-art, and the LED screens and full range of pyro and SFX effects make sure to provide unparalleled audio-visual experience!
The club is run by the veteran company in Bulgarian show business, Sofia Music Enterprises, which guarantees rich variety in styles and genres for every taste. Pop, rock, dance, techno, metal, hip-hop, jazz… each and every musical style will feel at home in MUSIC JAM, following the one and only criteria: to give all the fans a good time. The repertoire will not exclude stand-up comedy, musical theatre, tastings, promotions and everything that interests and entertains you.

Club rules

It’s absolutely forbidden to bring any kind of weapons in the club. Patrons, who behave in an unacceptable manner, or bother other people, will be taken out of the premises by security and their ticket value won’t be reimbursed.


Билети за всяко шоу, парти или концерт в Music Jam могат да бъдат закупени от:

  • билетната каса на самия клуб
  • онлайн от eventim.bg
  • от всяка каса на Eventim.

За резервации за седящи места:

тел: +359  899 333 344